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The book I would certainly recommend to everyone is “Ono” by Dorota Terakowska.

It is a brilliant story about the girl in unwanted pregnancy. Eve, the main heroine of the novel, have become raped and expects a child as a result. At the begining she is determined to have an abortion but finally she decides not to do it. Nine months of the expectations change Eve. She is maturing. The girl starts to understand what does it mean to love. The prospect of motherhood opens her eyes to the world. She perceives its good and evil, a beauty and an ugliness, and tries to describe and explain it all to her baby. “Ono”, unknown, asexual, impersonal, is becoming an inseparable part of Eve. It teaches her empathy and gentleness, which she has not experienced in the family.

“Ono” is a story about lost dreams, making decisions and its consequences. The author also writes about relationships between parents and their children, presents what can happen when people do not even try to understand each other. At the same time, she does not jugde the characters of her story, but gives an objective description of a sad reality.

“Ono” is is for sure very touching, beautiful and unussual story, deprived of sententiousness. Certainly worth reading.

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