How will global warming change the way we live in the future?'- przemówienie, speech, mowa. Jak globalne ocieplenie(efekt cieplarniany) zmieni nasz świat w przyszłości?

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I'm going to talk about how global warming will change the way we live in the future. In fact, during the twentieth century global medium temperature went up by over 0,7 Celcjus degree. Even slight climate change leads to serious consequences.

Firstly, global warming will cause that glaciers start to melt. As a result, the water level will raise and cities wich are located near oceans, sees etc. will be flooded.

Moreover, a lot of animals live in ecosystems where ice is necessary. So...if ice start to melt, it will lead to extermination of many species. For example, polar bears will become extinct.

Next, if we do not stop global warming, we will observe more examples of extreme weather such as heat waves, storm clouds which may lead to floods, droughts and forest fires.

Another consequences of global warming is that oceans temperature will go up. It is likely that it will result in increase in activity of hurricanes. What I mean is that hurricanes will cause many unimaginable destructions.

To sum up, global warming wil definitely change the way we live in the future. Those changes will have huge influence on plants and animals life, economy and people's health. But everything deepends on us. If we reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we will be able to stop global warming! So...maybe...we should ask ourselves 'how green we are?' and start being as environmentaly friendly as we can.

Thank You.

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