It was the least successful egg hunt in my life

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It was the least successful egg hunt in my life. As usual in my family in Easter everybody were waiting for chocolate eggs, which rabbit had to hide. I always was looking through the window and waiting for the rabbit. But this year was different?
Year ago when I was 5, on Easter my mother woke me up and said to me and my sister to look for chocolate eggs. Father added that if we find all eggs, he will give us money. It was some kind of present on Easter. I reminded myself where eggs were a year ago, and I went there. I searched all my room, but I didn?t find anything. I was annoyed and a bit nervous. I asked my sister to find those eggs together. She agreed, because she also couldn?t find anything. We run outside, because outside there is more places where the rabbit could hide eggs. We were searching all the time, but it was waste of time. Suddenly I heard strange voice, it was similar to well known Gandalf. The voice was getting loud with every minute. It was coming form trees. I decided to go there, I was scared. I saw elderly men. I started to talk with him and he said me horrible thing, that Easter rabbit doesn?t exist.
I was depressed and I even cried. I asked my father, why he didn?t tell me the truth, he was silencing. My mother added that they wanted to tell us this today. I was thinking for some minutes and I thought that It was a bit funny, but I couldn?t understand why Easter rabbit does not exist, my sister also was shocked.
I thing that it was the least successful egg hunt in my life. On that day I thought that I will woke up and find all the eggs, but it was a bit different. Now I hide eggs myself for my 5 tears old cousin, he also thing that Easter rabbit exist.

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