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When I think about places where I left a huge load of memories, I usually think about one - Kazimierz Dolny.

It is a small town by Vistula River on south-east of Poland, 47 km away from Lublin. There are about nine thousand people living there. However, this number is usually completed by numerous groups of tourists, especially in summer. The town life gets more calm not before late autumn. Kazimierz Dolny becomes then an usual place like many other ones in Poland.

The central part of the town is a market place with an old well in the middle. It is surrounded with stonehouses built by acknowledged architects. Waling along pathways from the market place, we can get to other parts of the town which are also worth sightseeing. One of them leads to monumental cloister built in 17th century by Franciszkanie Smaller Brothers - the place where wind of God still blows. Another path leads to Fara Church and Three Crosses Hill nearby. You can't refuse to climb the stairs and see a beautiful view of the town and Vistula. By the way, Vistula is a great place for romantic walks in the sunset. What's more, you can take a barge journey to another side of the river. Unforgettable impression guaranteed! And don't forget to see a Tower and ruins of castle.

In summer, a lot of events take place in Kazimierz Dolny. For example, the most popular film stars and thousands of cinemaniacs have their festival call "High Movie Temperatures", also known as "The Summer Of Films". Although it has been losing its so-far meaning, it is still a great opportunity to see the latest film productions in unique atmosphere o not in dark cinema room but on fresh air. You can also meet a lot of celebrities and collect many autographs. Another important happening is Festival Of Folk Groups And Singers. It's a great meeting of many Polish country bands, transmitted on TV.

Do you fancy a mug of beer, being tired of sightseeing and visiting local art galleries? No problem. You will love pubs in Kazimierz Dolny. It's easy to find them at the market place and by the embankment. They are very nice and serve delicious food and drinks.

I associate Kazimierz Dolny with three years of my high school education and living in the hostel there. Not only did I meet a lot of friends there, but also learnt to be independent with all consequences of this fact. Fun, grief, love, stress - I've experienced all these feeling in that place. I return there as often as I can.

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