Reported Speech

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Reported Speech jest to mowa zależna. Zamieniamy na:
present simple -> past simple ( I watch TV -> I watched TV)
present cont. -> past cont. (I am holding my bag -> I was holding my bag)
present perfect -> past perfect (I've done it -> I had done it)
past simple ->past perfect ( I did my homework -> I had done my homework)
past cont. ->past perfect cont. ( I was sleeping -> I had been sleeping)
present perfect cont. -> past perfect cont.
future simple -> future past
future cont. -> future cont. in the past

can -> could
will -> would
shall -> should
may -> might
would ->would
should -> should
ought to ->ought to
must- had to
have -> had

here-> there
now -> then
today -> that day
tommorow -> the next day
next month, next week -> the following month, week
yesterday -> the day before, the previous day
last week -> the week before, the previous week
this- that
these- those


he said: 'I like my sister'
he said that he liked his sister

she said: 'my mum said I've got better marks in this school'
she said that her mum had said[ past simple -> past perfect ] she had got better marks in that school.

but look!!
she says: 'i like watching TV'
she says she likes watching TV'

Ania says 'i've got wonderful friend'
Ania says that she has got wonderful friend

Paul asked me' do you want to play with me?'
Paul asked me if I wanted to play with him.

Monica asked me 'Are you really good at this?'
Monica asked me if I was really good at that.

She said 'Don't eat it'
She said not to eat it.

She said' Don't make still the same mistakes!'
She said not to make still the same mistakes

I hope you all know what's going on. ;)

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