5 places i would like to visit

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The first places, which I would visit are Andes. They are hudge Mountain strands, which have length over 8 900 km, along Western coast of South America. I would like to see many Snow-covered tops. On the South Many glaciers flow down to Pacific Ocean. Andy are 80.000.000 years old. I would like to see active volcano and in Andy are a lot of them. In Andy I would like to meet someone, who is leaving there for many years. I would like to ask him:
- how can he live in place like that
- how could he run away when he heard that one of meny volcanos exploded

Second place that I would like to stop is Egipt and coast of Nile. Nile is the longest river of the world. Nil`s length is 6 695 km. Erect dam on Nile regulates water and makes possible production of electric energy. I would like to meet native person there and ask him:
- how look like life in desert
- what are they doing when they need a doctor
- how are they making their clothes

Third place I would like to be is Antarctic. I would like to see the largest ice mountain such how Ross achieves Ice, which height 50 m. About one of such glaciers broke and sank famous Titanic in 1912. I know that I wouldn`t find there any people, but I would like to know it is possible living there, building homes, schools etc.

Fourth place I would visit is Atacama desert in Chile, where the longest period of dries became broken in 1971, when the rain fell from the first time from 400 years. Deserts characterize this, that for many year rains do not fall, and in different year can follow violent storms and floods. People who live there can find water, make food from plants. I would like to meet them and ask obout the same things like in Egipt.

Fifth place that I would stop is Mexico City. Mexico City is a capital of Mexico. In this town live the most occupants in the world. This is very small and very crowded city. Hudge problem of tis city is dirt air because of many cars and factories. Anyway I would like to see ruin of Aztec building, temples, pyramids, that have thousands years. I would like to meet someone who live there and ask:
- is it easy for him to live with so many people
- does he prefer living in Mexico City or in desert, when is more quiet
- would he move out anywhere else if he could

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