Atrocities of war - on the base of Roman Polanski's film - “The Pianist”.

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War has always been and will be an inseparable part of human existence. During centuries there were thousands of conflicts and hundreds of major wars all around the world. There are many different causes of this conflicts. Some are caused by political reasons, other by pure hatred which people hold to other nations or races. This ethnic wars are the most cruel and bloody as they are supported by the people themselves, not by political leaders who just want to make money on the war or gain more territory.

We had an occasion to watch a great record of brilliant young Jewish pianist’s life - Władysław Szpilman - which has been directed by Roman Polanski.
Wladyslaw Szpilman has written his own biography in a book “The Pianist”. During World War II he lived in Warsaw occupied by the Germans. As we all know the Germans pursued the Jews and forced them to move into a separate district – the ghetto – where they had full control of them.

The film showed as the real side of life in the ghetto. We could see that it wasn’t as different from the polish people life as most of us might have thought. The Jews who were rich before the war remained rich. Had their own works and gave work to the poor ones. Among all the classes where good and bad people. Polański showed it to us on the example of Szpilman’s family friend, who joined the Jewish ghetto police which helped the Germans in catching the Jews and taking them to concentrate camps where most of them died. But most of the Jews helped each other to survive the war.

In most films about the holocaust Germans are showed as cruel and soulless killing machines. But in “The Pianist” we could see that this is not true. Szpilman, during his exile in the ruined Warsaw he met a German officer. He was amazed by his magnificent music talent and gave him a shelter in German headquarters which let him survive the war.

In my opinion the film was really moving, it was particularly important for my as I know that some members of my family shared Szpilman’s family adversity.

The film should be a warning for the whole world as we cannot let such tragedy repeat itself.

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