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When I pass mature and finish a high school I am going to begin new life. First thing which I am going to do is relax on holiday. I am not going to think about school and exams. I will leave to England. For two months I will stay with friends and I will train my English and I will get familiar with culture of that country. After holiday I am going to begin study in Wroclaw. I am going to learn English very diligent and have a good marks because I think that this language is very important because, if I will go somewhere abroad, where a lot of people speak English, I will be able to communicate with them. When I will have finished my studies I am going to go out with my boyfriend to England for a couple of years. This time I am going to find an own flat. I am going to work there an a interpreter or private teacher. I am going to earn and save some money for future life in home country. My dream is to get married in London. I want to have handsome and inteligent husband. However I am not going to have a children because I don't like baybies and besides I am going to devote myself to work. I am not going to be housewife but I am going to be a businesswoman. I am not going to clean up home, iron, wash clothes and cook because I can't. I am going to travel a lot. I am going to live at the seaside as in California for example. I want to live there because there is warm, the temperature is high and sun shines very strongly. I would like to build a home and live there with my husband. After that I am going to begin job as a teacher of English language in private school or as an interpreter. In my freetime I will give private lesson. Maybe I will buy a dog and I have luxurious car. I hope that my plans will realize and I will have a great and interesting life.

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