My future plans

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Most people have their future plans, dreams, things which they want to realize some day. Everyone dreams about interesting and satisfactory job with good salary, loving family, beautiful house and many friends. Future plans are often an escape from usual live for us.

I often reflect on what kind of person I would like to be in the future and what my future life will look like. After matura exam I want to study at the Warsaw Politechnic and rent a room in this city. I want to study computer science because it is very interesting subject for me and using a computer gives me great pleasure. When I finish studying I would like to work in a telephonic firm like Era Gsm or Telekomunikacja Polska or in a firm connected with constructing computers and computers programmes (games, applications). In my opinion it is a very interesting and good job – nowadays many bosses search for workers well-educated in computer science and they pay them much money.

I want to live in Warsaw or Cracow in the future. I think that living in a big city is interesting and very comfortable because there are many means of transport, a lot of museums, theatres, cinemas where you can go in your spare time. In Warsaw, for example, there are also many cafes, restaurants, discos – if you want to go somewhere with your friends or a girlfriend/boyfriend you can always find an interesting place. In big city there are many sorts of entertainment and you can meet a lot of people, Polish as well as foreigners. There are many good schools, when your children may be well-educated. In the future I want to spent much time with my family. I would like to have three children.

I think that in the future I will adopt a child because in my opinion it is a disaster not to have parents and family.

When I collect enough money I will travel to other countries. I have always dreamt about going to England or the USA. I also would like to go to Japan – when I could know modern technology and Egypt – where I want to visit old buildings and monuments which are some thousand years old.

If I have much money in the future I will also help the poor – I think that we should help one another – then living in the society becomes more easily.

When I have children I will always try to help them in hard situations and give them advice every time they want. Like everyone I would like to be a good parent but I think it is very difficult to be a good father or mother. In my opinion happy family life should be connected with honesty, confidence and mutual help.

One of my dreams about the future is having a good car. I want to have my own car in short time because it is a very useful thing nowadays, I think. When I have my own flat or house I would also like to have two dogs.

I think that we often don’t realize our future plans. For example my mother wanted to live in Warsaw but she has lived in Siedlce all her life. My mother imagined that she would earn much money but now she says that she doesn’t earn enough. Sometimes people who chose a job for themselves are very disappointed later. In spite of this I think that dreams and future plans are needed for us because thanks to them we can feel good and never lose hope for better future.

means of transport – środki komunikacji
... as well as ... – zarówno ... jak ... disappointed - rozczarowany
reflect on – rozmyślać nad rent - wynająć
lodging – stancja adopt – adoptować
confidence – zaufanie honesty – szczerość
mutual – wzajemny, obustronny salary – wynagrodzenie

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