Provide an account of the economy of your own country and compare this with Britain’s economy, showing any similarities or differences.

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Provide an account of the economy of your own country and compare this with Britain’s economy, showing any similarities or differences.

Within the last 50 years for Poland and England their have been big change. In 1987 Poland finished communism.
The process of stabilization within the Polish economical market caused closure for western countries. The change cause a new beginning in Poland at first there were few shops and supermarkets. This made way for a new era.
In England changes were happening, witch the period of donwand1979.
The leader behind the economics change was- Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister.
The essay I will be t showing similarities or differences within the economy in bout countries.

The two countries are not similar on the Europe market.
The first very important points is the poor and sub standard work in the eastern Europe.
For Polish corporation, they will open the door to new market. At the same the quality of polish products will grow because they will have to compete, with products from the other hands, many peoples left cut country everything decide situation and have not work. Will be open and we will get a chance to look for same better places to live.
In my country when company must have more many no employed people only buying machine this good solve for industry but this manner market is faint and on the time falls. In England is completely different government want give more job and help people. 2
A further example of differences the two countries are is England, 1979, was Privatization and this time doing control price to days British Coal, British gas, Steel or ports is private on the country in Poland this example are only control government but we have too always in hands people , rail or Telecom. Yet now we see haw we have similar and difference.

The United Kingdom has large coal, natural gas and oil reserves, primary energy production accounts for 10% GDP, one of the highest shares of any industrial nation. Do not forget is coal, gas, steel and oil. Where privatized company past 1979. In pound Bank, Airways, Airports and are different this is Ports, Electric, Weather and Rail. This example belong till government this is nationalization sectors. So as in England – educations, hospitals, health, defense is beneath rows government.

Bank are also a example of privatisation.
This organisation works like other companies but is more specialized. United Kingdom is rich country and can give more money.
On the small procent, but long time this is mortgage is very excellent solve for person who want have company or buy house.
In Poland is the same process, but is one important detail polish Bank when give more many on the long time levy very high procent and have specific manners for example high earnings, constant work, mortgage and finance indemnity.
In my country another credit is give very simple but every month you pay biggest price. Lows are tight and is more complicated.
Everything is good when you write document but later when you must return many 7%-29% this is start people problems. If you want everything buy anything it is better when you have money do not do instalment or credit.

Taxation in the Britain may involve payment to at lest two different levels of government this is local and central government
(Revenue HM &Customs).
Local government in financed by grants from central government founds, business rates, council tax. Central revenues are mainly income tax, national insurance contributions, value added tax, corporation tax and fuel duty.
All person who live in England obliges have to is till pay tax. This many is in cash country. In Britain of taxes is different for example income tax you pay if you eamover £500 and pay if you have company. Income can be from a job or dividends from shareowner.
In United Kingdom people pay 17.5% on all goods. All this procent goes to the government. In Poland to the same products we pay 7 % or 22% less is on white products for example cheese, yogurt or milk, vegetables and fruit. Everything another is 22 %.
In car we pay tax only one on year, and this tax is on a car no person. So as in Britain everything many guide is till government and there is separate.

Deformed, differences in between country is help people. Everything know Poland is not rich country when people need help.
Government in Poland has done nothing to corrects this situation. In England country corresponds for behind citizen.
People can get finance help, benefit or home. None person stay remain alone. When women bear children every months have finance help and home help.
My country we never have this situation. Possess only children discount on the bus, the train or sometimes entrance ticket. When parents no working via 6-12 months receive on the children every months family allowance finance in height 20pounds.On this example we can see situation polish economy and high live people.

In may bring about the next economy problems for Poland deepen our crisis. Small enterprises may go bankrupt due to the well-known brands and companies. Our trade may be weakened and monopolized.
In conclusion that accession of Poland to Britain will be better and we will able to build a strong country with the well- educated people. Poland must more change if will want be with another country on this the same levels.
Ambition solutions will be connection together country indopte this ability to developments and science something news. England can learning quickly and resourcefulness or although bureaucracy .However Poland ground economy starting at help people and good job in government.


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