Housework to be taken over by man(-Sharubg hauseworks)

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to tylko w ramach krotkiej wypowiedzi ustnej np na mature dlatego nie rozpisuje sie i nie rozciagam tematu-niech bedzie o czym dyskutowac z egzaminatorem pozniej;)

In each housekeeping there are things which demage all-out using home's fix-ups. If you have your own house and you live there every day you must have somebody who can do the repairs or you must be able to do them on your own.
The actions like dusting and stiching the nails are rather not hobbies. If you're a man-old hand it's not a problem to do them. But if you're a woman and you're live alone sometimes you don't have a choice. The case looks different if you have nice neighbors.
I think that women shouldn't participate in housework with exception of traditional things like cooking and watering flowers. But if you like it, why not? However there are situations wgen woman has to do activities though she really hates them because if she doesn't do this, nobody will. I mean that she lives with the man who is lazy or doesn't care of house and her person of course.
If I were in this kind of situation I would explain my husband or a partner that housework should be shared equaly. The fight about women's rights during last years caused the huge price. Now, women have got twice more privileges but tenth more duties.
I'm dreaming of being the owner of the house, where I wouldn't have to bore holes in the walls or fix the washing machine, but i Know that possibility is rather small. And it is a pity.

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