How our life will be different in year 2050?

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We don’t know how our future will look like. We only can try to imagine it.

At first we think about human relationship. In the year 2050 we will use computers almost every day. We will be making new friend through the Internet – even our husbands or wives will be met by us in this way. It will be much faster and easier for us. On the other hand our relationships with people won’t be as important as they are today – we will feel a little lonely and isolated from others.

Computers will also help us in many other activities. For example, they will be used by the children at school to make their studying easier. In addition, there will be much more other machines which playing similar role to computers, like robots which will be making housework for us.

Spending holiday will also be completely different. Travelling to other planets or to the moon will be available for everyone. Means of transport will, of course, change, too. We will be using solar - powered cars which will be much more environmentally – friendly.

We could expect that the faster technological progress is the more polluted environment we have. But it isn’t true. Scientists will probably find cures for many dangerous diseases, like cancer or AIDS. We will also pay more attention to protecting the environment so our surroundings as well as health will be in a better condition that they could seem to be.

Although we can’t predict changes which will be made in the world, we often think about them. We worry about our and our children’s future; we have expectations, hopes as well as fears. But I think we should be rather optimistic about this matter. We should live and be happy not thinking too much about what will or won’t be possible in the future.

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27.7.2006 (12:12)

Ładnie opisane, ale poznawanie sympatii przez komputer już się odbywa i znam kilka osób - par, którzy tak się poznali. Uważam, że w 2050 roku będą większe zmiany, niż piszesz. pozdrawiam