What will be like in 100 years time

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What will life be in 100 years time? To my mind the world will be better.
I think there will be more people becuse medicine will be better. There will be more curses. My friend things that robots will heal instead of doctors, because the robots will be smarter than them. To my mind the robots will be instead of teachers, because robots will be sarter and more objective than present teachers. I think robots will do a housework too, because tired omen will have not strenght to clean a house or cook a donner, for example. I think robots will do homeworkk for children too, as the school program will be too difficulty for chirdlen. To my mind chirdlen will take to school aptop computers, because this is more comfortable than present notebooks. I think the future dermatologist will make a discovery of medicine against a wrinkles. I believe this something will be effective, because the older women have very big problems with their wrinkles. I think the future sciencists will make the talkink fix-up for each house, as that fix-up will be very useful for each women. It will be for example talking fridge or talking vecuum cleaner. I believe there will be better transport, as the technology will develop. I think we will have more means of transport except cars, planes, trains, ferrys, space shulttes. Il will be for example flying sourcers. I belive means of transport will be environmelntaly friendly, because the environment is very polluted. I believe we will go to Mars or differenty planets on cruise, because it will be interesting and exciting. I think there will be a flying cars, because it will be more comfortable than present cars. That driving will be a lot of fun for people.
Nobody knows what the future holds. I think we must look on the bright side an be optimistic. I believe that the future will be better than our present life. We must believe in that, because if somebody believes in something very much, it will happen at last.

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