Most terrible day in my whole life.

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That was the most terrble day in my whole life. Everything went wrong.

It was 8 o'clock .I had must be at school at 7 o' clock.So I woke up late for an exam! The most important exam in my life!Exam about driver licence.But I said to myself:..Maybe I can try next time..but when? " So I called to my driver teacher and I asked about the next date of exam.With agitation he answered me: Sorry XYZ, that was your last chance. You can try later". I was very disapoinded.After this phone I went to school for the lessons.I'm 18 years old and this is my final year at school.I talked with my best friend about" what we want to do after the high school".And of course I said that I'm hopping to go to the art college, and he said the same.Unfortunetlly, we have an argument about that.

The day began horrible.But I was happy, cause Kamila invited me for her birthday.When I came back from school, I just changed my clothes and I went to her.When I just came to her, she introduced her new boyfriend to me.He was so handsome boy but I had forget his name!I'm terrible at remembering people's names. If I'am introduced to someone I forget their name immediatly. Then few minutes later, when i need to know, I just have no idea. It's embarassing. After party I called for taxi, cause my last bus escaped. When I sat in the taxi, in front of my house I has been orientated that I left my coat in Kamila's house.Unfortunetlly I had my purse in it. I had two problems.I couldn't paid for a taxi and I lost my coat.

I'm always optimistic, even if I lost my coat. It has been lodged well, cause it was very old so I was happy to buy a new one.

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