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I always wanted to check Africa out! So, I decided to go on a trip to West Africa and use there public means of transport.

I flew to Dakar, capital of Senegal first by plane from Warsaw via Madrid.
I was offered tasty meals and in-flight entertainment by pretty flight-attendants (one of them was English, so all time I spend talking with her – that was first cute thing in my holiday). In Dakar, I had four-star hotel, but I’ve exactly to write about my explorations, haven’t I?

Dakar is situated on the Cape Verde peninsula. The modern buildings there contrasted with lively African markets and poorness, what was my delight, because I love taking photos. Then train took me across the dry region to Mali – trip in that train was one of the worst things in my whole life. ‘Neighbor’ on the other side seat was… a lamb, which was yawning and terrible stink from its mouth was throwing just onto my face. After Mali sightseeing (Black businessmen in the capital and people suffering from famine all over me) I hailed a taxi and went to Burkina-Faso. The next day
I spend in a train to Abidjan, capital of the Ivory Coast. Every man was giving me opportunity to buy souvenirs (I love negotiating prices with Black people, although I have had experience in super, loud negotiating with Arabs till that time).

All in all, I spend in West Africa two fantastic (except for yawning lamb) weeks.

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