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1. He has got so much money that he can afford anything he wants so he often pay for his girlfriend and her friends.
2. There's too much water in the tub so you should be careful not to spoil it into the floor.
3. Only few people live here since the local facilities were destroyed during the huge storm.
4. I got several things for my birthday but the most satisfying present was a new CD of Adele
5. I don't have many books as long as I don’t have much time to read them.
6. She spends too much money on cosmetic on the other hand her face and body looks really good.
7. I never smoke, but Alice smokes occasionally especially when she is drinking alcohol.
8. I always feel great in spring when flowers start to bloom, grass turns green and birds start to sing everywhere.
9. He drinks milk twice a day since he had read in some newspaper that milk contains calcium which makes our bones be tougher.
10. She likes him very much but it isn’t a love as everyone supposed.
11. He is looking at the stars holding her hand and probably telling her how much he loves her.
12. You are reading a book for three hours without any brake, don’t you want anything to eat or drink?
13. Mary is having breakfast which consist two slices of bread with ketchup and mayonnaise.
14. We are doing our homework for two hours now so that we are tired but we can’t stop because as we want to go out in the evening.
15. He didn't use to spend so much time reading so it can’t be reason to have his eyes tired.
16. He used to be more competitive however after this accident he has totally lose his self-confidence.
17. This movie will be awarded - it has already been nominated in 4 categories.
18. One day Mr. Charles got up and decided that his past life was boring for this reason he quitted his job, bought big bus which he renovate, withdrawed all his savings and set off on the trip around the world.
19. I was on Green Day’s concert in Wrocław yesterday however I didn’t really like it because when I was standing just in front of the stage the crowd was pushing too hard so I couldn’t focused on the music.
20. Eating sunflower seeds which include much vital ingredient is good for your health because they reduce level of cholesterol in circulatory system and prevent prostate disorders
21. Some two unidentified guys had vandalized two buildings in the centre of the town but luckily they were recorded on city camcorders so that they were recognized by officers and finally they were punished.
22. When I was a little girl I was looking at every aspects of life in totally different way so that I didn’t really worry about anything.
23. I had done all of my homework by the time my boyfriend arrive and took me to the restaurant where we were eating Italian spagetti and drinking wine by the candlelight .
24. She had been working In her office for 3hours when suddenly all lights gone out and then she realized that some unknown men were gasping at her from the corner of the room.
25. I was a witness of terrible accident in which a BMW crashed into a lorry for this reason two men have died and one is fighting for his life in the hospital.
26. Life is too short to worry about things such as bad marks at school instead we should dedicate ourselves to our families and people who we love because we never know which day may be our last.
27. I usually avoid driving in the rush hour but today I had to make an exception.
28. Have you finished typing that letter.
29. I don’t enjoy playing musical instruments as I find it boring way of spending my free time.
30. Eve doesn’t mind working hard as long as she gets a hight salary which let her live on high level.
31. I can’t stand waiting in a queue especially when some ugly, stinking man is standing in front of me.
32. Mike keeps ringing Sue and asking her to go out.
33. I expect to pass the exam because I was learning whole weekend.
34. She agreed to work late in the office however she made some conditions.
35. We can’t afford to go to Australia as long as you are out of employment.
36. Are you hoping to get a job in London?
37. He offered to help us when we move our house to New Orlean.
38. I usually avoid driving in the rush hour but today I have to do this.
39. Have you finished typing that letter yet?
40. I don’t enjoy playing musical instruments as I find it boring way of spending my free time.
41. Eve doesn’t mind working hard because she likes her fellow-workers and principal.
42. I can’t stand waiting in a queue when I am starving.
43. Mike keeps ringing Sue and asking her to go with him to the prom.
44. Do you mind waiting outside because I have some family problems ?
45. I’m used to travel by train however it is too expensive for me now.
46. I told Lack to read more so that she could improve her English skills.
47. Must you really go now? I
48. It’s not easy to make the right choice when you don’t really know what you want to do.
49. I’m not interested in changing my job as long as it makes me happy and fullfiled.
50. Would you care for a drink if you go out with some ugly girl?
51. He’s not keen on taking pho photographs as long as he believes that it is useless.
52. Someone has taken my bag while I was sitting in the cafeteria waiting for my uncle.
53. They have changed their plans when they realized that the trip on Cuba is too expensive for them.
54. I have found his telephone number in the telephone book but Im not sure if it is correct.
55. It's been raining for 5 hours! So the streets remind me rivers.
56. I've been learning English for seven years now and Im still not good speaker.
57. We've been waiting for you since 10 o'clock.
58. They tried the soup but it was too hot to eat so they was waiting for some minutes chatting.
59. I wanted to buy this book but it cost too much so I preferred to try find it in the nearest library instead.
60. They had been going out for two years before Jack decided to propose to her in Havana.
61. The mother had been trying to find him for hours before he finally came back home totally drunk.
62. It had been raining for days so when they finally left, the roads were very muddy and almost impassable.
63. Give her the money. She'll spend it better than you or just put them to the bank account.
64. I'm sure we will pass the exam as long as we were study for so much hours and we took additional private lessons.
65. Don't worry, he'll come back to you as soon as he will realize how important for him you were.
66. I'm sure they won't agree because their characters are totally different.
67. I'm sure we will pass the exam if he will control his emotions
68. Give her the car so that she will able to drive me on the airport when you will be at the work.
69. She will probably lose her temper when she will realize how many times he cheated on her.
70. By the end of this month they will have been going out for almost a year!
71. By this time next week they will have been travelling for 9 months.
72. By the end of the day she will have been trying to contact the shop for 8 hours!
73. Somebody has stolen my car while I was in the church.
74. The mistakes were made so we should figure out how to fix everything before it will be to late.
75. Ann said (that) she would be famous one day because she will success in TV studio as a fortuneteller.
76. My parents said (that) they couldn't let me go out because I have bad marks at school and they won’t let me go out until I will improve my results.
77. Tom boasted about playing the guitar better than James however I think he can’t compare his 7years old brother to himself.
78. She reminded him to turn off the light nevertheless he had forgotten to do that.
79. We'll do it for you if you promise not to tell anyone about that.
80. Ok, I'll tell you what my plan is on condition you don't tell mom about it.
81. If only I were beautiful and brainy I could impress this boy and probably he would continue conversation with me.
82. We would rather you didn't ask us such questions as long as it’s not your business.
83. She is nodding as if she knew what I am talking about.
84. If they didn't smoke so much, they wouldn't spend so much money and finally they could afford to go out with us on some bigger party.
85. Tom would ask her for a dance if he knew how to dance.
86. If she had known about the consequences, she wouldn't have done that.
87. We would have passed our exams if we had studied harder.
88. If you had come to the party, you'd have met a lot of beautiful girls.
89. We went to the station and bought the tickets on Friday match between Legia in Lech which will take place on the new stadium on Bułgarska street.
90. She spoke to Mary two days ago so they have probably argued.
91. Tom was writing the letter all day yesterday but he didn’t want to tell me what is it about so I am very curious.
92. Yesterday at about eight we were listening to music in the Radio Eska and I liked one of the songs but I didn’t hear the title.
93. Were you looking for a new job when that advertisement appeared?
94. He wasn't working in the garden then because he had his leg broken.
95. I was shocked when I found out that Derek and Gina had got divorced without sharing their problems with the therapist before.
96. Before I met him, I had never been in a serious relationship so I was little stressed how it will look like.
97. By the time we reached the cinema, the film had already started so we didn’t really know what was it about.
98. The police finally found the man who had been hiding for months in the basement of popular politic Donald Tusk.
99. My enthusiasm to doing this homework was so big that I couldn’t even find words to describe it.

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