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I would like to be a doctor, because I like helping people. Especially when they are ill. I like helping children very much. I am fourteen years old and I am interested in medicine. I already know the names of some diseases. My dream is to live and to work in London. When I was in hospital I saw paediatrician’s working. Then I noticed that this work is useful.
Doctors treat ill people, and therefore people are able to live and work. All jobs are important, but doctors have more important tasks to do. They save people’s lives. And then people are able to do other things, for example to work, or to look after their family.
Moreover, I think that there is too much suffering and pain in the world, an I would like to do something with this. Being doctor I can change this. I can cure many serious illnesses.
If I want to be a doctor I must learn very much and study hard, because a doctor must be wise and have great knowledge. First of all, I would like to cure children, because for them it is really very hard to live with disease.
The doctor’s work I know from my own obvervation, because I was at hospital. Therefore I decided to be a doctor. And I saw that doctors do so much good for people. I also watch films about doctor’s work. This inspires me to work in this profession. I also like reading books about medicine. They are very intresting for me.
I would like to be a doctor in Great Britian, because in Poland we have not got as good equipment as in Great Britian. In Great Britian are many various types of good clinics and hospitals.

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