The young people of today are likely to live longer and be healthier then any other generations - article.

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We live in a world full of possibilities. We don't only have an easier life then our parents and grandparents when they were our age, but this life is also much safer. That's why nowadays people are supposed to live longer and be more cheerful.
The elderly say that in our times it's very hard to stay hale and herty, because mof pollution, unhealthy food and stress. I can still hear that in my mother's youth teenagers didn't have so many things that they have now. They didn't have fast-food outlets or sweet-shops. Yes, I can agree with that, but the quality of life was worse. And that also means that they couldn't eat healthy food or go to the swimming-pool and gym too often. Don't even mention the terrible medical care... Now we have a bigger chnce of keeping our body in shape and our diet balanced and varied. In almost every grocery we can buy fresh fruit and low-fat prodcts. In fact a helthy life stylehas become fashionable.
We have so many opportunities that other generations couldn't even dream about. This is our chance for longevity, so let's do something about it!

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