The worst holiday!

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My holiday started in July.I planed to spend 3 weeks by the seaside, in Gdynia.
The weather was beautiful and sunny and I hoped for a great holiday.But everything went wrong from the beginning.
First my train was late and I had to wait for 2 hours.Whole journey was quite pleasant but very long.I arrived in Gdynia in the morning next day.I was going to stay in the little cottage,not far from the sea.When I got there I was disappointed because cottage was very dirty.I asked for another room.
First week was nice.I met many new friends from different parts of Poland.We spent time together,going to the beach and cinema .My friends went home ealier so I was left alone for the rest of holiday. The weather got worse and it was raining almost every day.
I returned home very unhappy.My vacation was boring and uninteresting. It was the worst holiday in my life.

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