It is said thet reading books is becoming less nad less popular nowadays while other form of entertainment are gaining popularity. Give reasons and suggest ways to encourage people to read again.

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Nowadays more and more people prefer to go to the cinema or to the party rather than read books. It is very widespread phenomenon. There are very few people who we can discuss the literature with. The survey shows that the vast majority in last year have read only one book. What is more, it is not a 'high literature'. People love reading books like Harlequins, which cannot offer us any interesting problems to consider. What are the reasons of this burning issue and how can we fight with it?

Firstly, when we are going to school we have to read lots of obligatory books which are also boring. Pupils hate this activity. But many of them admit that they will read only when books will include interesting contents. I think the good solution to solve this problem may be a little change in curriculum. Pupils can find there positions in accord once hobbies. Only then will they truly get interested in literature.

Secondly, there exist a number of films adapted from books. abut they alsso deviate from originals. Films do not demand any commitment of recipients, so they are very popular. What is more, watching a film does not take so much time as reading books. In my point of view there should be persons with a high social authority for example actors or politicans who will propagate reading especially among youth. When people have an example they always willingly copy it, so I can suppose that this solution has a chance to succeed.

And finally, people do not read as many books as twenty or thirty years ago because they are too expensive. Many of us cannot afford to buy a few books - it is a sizeable expense. I think that publishers ought to marginally bring down the prices and then the buyers will be encourage to read again.

Taking everything into consideration, I can state that reading books actually becoming less nad less popular. But there exist some ways to stop it. I have quoted only few of them. The most important issue in stopping this phenomenon is that everything should be responsible. People do not like when they are made to do something imposed. reading books should a pleasure, not an unwanted duty.

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