First an Second Conditional

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1. I have some strong feelings. Sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m happy.
2. I don’t laugh very often but I think a lot.
3. People think I want to fight with them.
4. I tell other people what they have to do.
5. I always keep my promises.
6. I can be hurt easily, but I also understand other people’s feelings.
7. I’m always happy, I don’t get depressed.
8. I have a lot of friends and I like being with them.
9. I make a lot of noise.
10. I’m interested in other people and I like talking to them.
11. I often get angry.
12. I’m good at doing things with my hands.
13. I find difficult to talk to people I don’t know.
14. I don’t make much noise.
15. I’m always in love and I like love stories.

1st and 2nd Conditional – Test

1. He ________ you to the party if he thinks you want to come.
a) will invite b) would invite c) invited d) invite
2. If you went away now, your friends ________ you
a) missed b) would missed c) will miss d) would miss
3. The climate ________ if we cut down the rainforest
a) change b) changed c) will change d) would change
4. Unless she ________ money, she won’t buy the dress.
a) doesn’t save b) will save c) saves d) would save
5. If you ________ him, you wouldn’t know him.
a) met b) will meet c) would meet d) meet

Put the verbs in the correct tense.
1. If you ________ (not be) late, you wouldn’t miss the train.
2. If she ________ (be) hungry, she will go to the caf.
3. If I knew his telephone number, I ________ (phone) him.
4. I would lock the door if you ________ (give) me a key.
5. John ________ (drive) us home if he meets us at the station.
6. Unless she ________ (come) in five minutes, we won’t wait for her.
7. If I ________ (be) you, I ________ (sell) this house.
8. If we ________ (not go) to England, we wouldn’t improve our English.
9. If I find the room, I _______ (stay) for the night.
10. If you ________ (not pay) your bills, you will have problems.

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