Third conditional – exercises

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Date: December 8,2009
teacher’s name : Beata T.

Class: Technikum Informatyczne I

1. Aims: Students are able to use second conditional in particular situation correctly and they can write it properly according grammatical pattern.

2. Resources/Materials: Student’s book, workbook, copies with exercises connected with second conditional.

3. Activities and procedures
- Greeting students,
- Checking the list of students,
- Giving lesson’s topic,
- Review of theory about second conditional (grammatical construction and usage),
- Students compare grammatical pattern of second and third conditional and situations when these two conditionals are used,
- Students do given exercises from student’s book and given by teacher ,
- Exercises are checked and corrected (students’ correction),
- Short speaking exercise (one student gives first part of sentence – for example: if I had knew…, another one have to finish this sentence, next student must start sentence which is continuation of former one).

4. Feedback: Students may have problems with choosing correct conditional to describe some event and also they may have problems with speaking (last task) because feel too shy or not good enough at using conditionals.

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