Second conditional – exercises

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Class: Technikum Ekonomiczne I teacher’s name : Beata T.

1.Description of the class:
- level: pre - intermediate,
- students the ages 17, 19 women, 4 men,
- the classes take place from 8.50 a.m. to 9.35 a.m. on Wednesdays and from 9.40 a.m. to 10.25 a.m on Thursdays,
- The students are generaly enthusiastic, but often tired: concentration sometimes suffers as a result. They have completed approximately 100 hours of English.

2.Aims: Students are able to use second conditional in particular situation correctly and they can write it properly according grammatical pattern.

3.Resources/Materials: Student’s book, workbook, copies with exercises connected with second conditional, copies with text and exercise connected with text with using second conditional.

4.Methods: the mixture of Community Language Learning, GTM, Direct Method

5.Language: all and any

6.Activities and procedures
- Greeting students
- Checking the list of students
- Giving lesson’s topic
- Review of theory about second conditional (grammatical construction and usage) (5 min)
- Student read given text (teacher helps explain new words), after reading students have to do exercises connected with read text (10 min)
- Exercises are checked and corrected (students’ correction) (5 min)
- Short speaking exercise (in pairs one student gives first part of sentence – for example: if I were… the partner have to finish this sentence) (8 min)
- Students are asked to fill in copies with exercises (from Repetytorium Języka Angielskiego) (10 min)
- As a homework students have to write short speech (about 50 words), started with words: “If I won one million”, they should use as much second conditional sentences as it is possible. (2 min)

7. Feedback: Students may have problems with correct using second conditional, because they may not be able to use it in proper situation.

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