How will the world change in the future?

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The world future covers very many things. The future can be good, bad or successful for us. We have plans for the future, and we dream of what may happen. The word future is usually associated with something good. We hope that time that will come brings us many new ideas to solve certain problems that now we are not able to solve. These are all kinds of illnesses like AIDS or cancer, these are also problems with human, like biotop. All the time we can hear voices of those people who are very worried about our environment. \"To much pollution\" - they say, \"Dirty water and air", "Depleting ozone layer" - we can hear such statements all the time. But unfortunately they are right, and we really should care much more about these problems. Many prophecies for the future say that human will destroy himself. He will kill all animals, plants, and finally himself in all unnecessary wars between different nations.

The best pictures of the future are provided by movies that are made in a large number nowadays. In these films we can usually see a human fighting with strange aliens. But sometimes we are allied with aliens against some others. For example such a picture is presented in \"Star Trek". Moreover, there are also other visions like the one in the movie entitled \"Matrix\", where the human is living under the control of aliens, but he do not even now about it. Human lives are transferred to a huge computer program, and at the same time the real world is destroyed and Earth looks like a one big trashcan. Another idea considered with regard to the destruction of our planet is a nuclear war between the U.S.A. and Russia.

Unfortunately, Hollywood mangers can be right. In present time we can see two, very strong military organisations like NATO and Russia military forces with some smaller countries like Belorussia or other smaller republics which formerly belonged to Russia. These two main organisations are getting stronger and stronger. Nato maintains significant control in Europe and it is still moving eastwards. About a year ago Poland became a Nato member, and Russia became worried that in our country Nato will put nuclear weapon aimed at Russia. All over the world more and more countries want to be free. Like Chechenia or Cyprus, an island which half is in Turkish, and half in Greek hands. Another example is Ireland that is fighting against Great Britain for its northern border. Nevertheless, there is a widespread process of globalisation. For instance, the European Union introduced the same currency called Euro. Now it is much easier to pay with one kind of money in a large part of Europe.
At present, computers with access to the Internet are the most powerful machines in the world. You can do everything through the Internet. Starting from getting information, having fun while talking, buying not only simple things like TV, but even Viagra. Through the Internet there is a possibility to pay or even still a lot of money from big banks.

The future is going to change a lot of things; cars will be full automatic with out human control, and all of them will drive with adjusted speed. Thus, there will be no car accidents and no problems with dangerous drivers. There is a big possibility that in the future, when the pace of our trips will be much higher, we will contact other civilisations. We hope that it will be a friendly contact for us. Once the construction of our spaceships improves, human will go for a holiday not only to Spain, Egypt or on wild islands, but it will be possible to spend three weeks on Mars or on the Moon. After all, the future should be very gracious for us. Of course if everything goes the right way. But we can be sure of one thing: THE FUTURE WILL CHANGE A LOT.

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