Abortion. Risking life by doing extreme sport should be forbidden.

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1. In my presentation I am going to focus on the topic of an abortion. Firstly I’ll say why women decide to abortion and then I will present consequences of abortion. To begin with the majority of Polish people are against of abortion. For many people abortion is out of question but there are some situation it can be justified. There are when: the fetus is deformed, when the pregnancy is dangerous for women’s life and when the women was raped. Additionally there are also women who decide to abortion because of poverty or they are just too young example they are 13 only. Unfortunately there are women who accomplish abortion because they think the child will destroy their career or just freedom. Consequences after abortion are serious. First of all women who decide to abortion won’t live normal. They have a depression they feel quilty and it is terrible for them when they reside with or even see other children even if they do not believe in God. It is because of their maternity instinct. Furthermore they can suffer from example anorexia, insomnia, physic disturbances, they abuse an alcohol commit suicide more often than the other people. In my opinion these women do not realize what they are doing and they do not imagine what consequences will have it in future. The problem is lack of responsibility. We can not say that only before 6 or 7 weeks this organism will become a human, it is a person from the very beginning. Abortion is a murder and attempt on these children life. I can only understand it if mother’s life will be in danger or this child will suffer from serious genetic disease. Last but not least if we really do not want this child, there are lot of couple who will willingly adopt them.

I think that it is good idea to doing extreme sport should be forbidden. Sport mustn’t be as important for people to risk own health or life. People who doing that sports often want to earn a lot of money and they don’t know it can be dangerous for them. Sometimes someone who doing extreme sport expose also life others people. They are too confident and think that they are “undying”. So law should forbid doing it because everybody ought to care about health.

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