Official letter to the airlines

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I am writing to inquire about an accident. I have just found out that I have left an item of luggage on the airport. My flight was number 302 to Tokyo. It was quite mess and I have checked four items of luggage. Perhaps the flight was too nice because I forgot about one item. When I got to hotel and started unpacking, I realised that there were just three items and one was missing.

It was a big black luggage on the weels. It has a golden sign with my initials : B.L. It was heavy. The luggage was closed and had two crypted locks. The code is 1-2-3-4. Inside there are clothes and some documents which are the most important to me.

In the event of the bag being found, I can be contacted on +4823xxxxxxx after 8:30 pm everyday.

Your faithfully


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