What are some of the ways the Internet can be used in learning foreign languages?

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Learning through the Internet it is a very frequent entry used by internauts in Polish search engines. Why do we decide to learn trough the Internet? The answer is very simple. Learning here is much cheaper and besides we can study in any place with the access to the Internet.
We can do lessons from such cources at home, at school or at work and , what is most important we have access to them 7 a week twenty-four hours a day.
Service centres offering fast learning through the Internet have very big vocabulary -data base vocabularies with the majority of essential words or phrases .
Such cources also have different levels of difficulty..
Additional function is showing the phonetic transcription.
It is very useful to beginners who aren't able to read the words.
People learn a foreign language through the Internet, because there is a possibility of revisions in such services. Freguwent revisions of a given material helps to assimilate words and expressions more quickly.
Studying at normal schools usually there is no possibility of such frequent revisions.
Portals web site attract people with interesting offers; ocrosswords of a different kind or quizzes. The Internet gives a lot of different the possibilities. Modern function Skype allows for holding conversations between different countries and it leads to "abrading" or learning of languages.

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