The advantages and disadvantages of using computer and Internet.

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It is difficult for most people to imagine life without computers. Nowadays, most of us have computer in our homes and they are now a major part of our lives. Among the many areas where they have brought great benefits is also education. In the early days when these machines were not so popular and available for every person, studying and searching for materials was more difficult. It was time consuming to search for an answer in the stack of books. Today, these machines have made a significant entry into education not only to students but also to teachers. For many learners it is the most enjoyable way to get the job done. On the other hand use of computers has also its disadvantages. Using a source like the Internet is not always as good and it could be disadvantageous to people who do not know how to use it accurately.
Computer can indicate some roles. It could be a tool which assists students doing certain tasks or a data source, which means that it can provide the information needed to perform a particular task. It opens a window of opportunities. It can be used to run interactive language software which includes both audio and video material to teach a foreign language.
When it comes to learning languages students are able to do and search for whatever they want. The computer network provides teachers and learners a variety of authentic materials and tools for improving language skills. Everyone of us can simply find some resources provided via World Wide Web. What is more the Internet allows everyone to access vast amounts of study material free of charge. With this tool students can begin by learning new vocabulary and end with studying grammar. Amount of easily to get information is growing every day by using the Internet.
Moreover, computer network is very important for communication between learners and teachers. With use of email students are able to get a rapid feedback from their teacher. Computer network also helps to communicate learners in a quick way with any other speaker of the target language. It can be useful to share or simply to ask someone about needed information. These aspect have a great impact in the foreign language classroom.
With the help of Internet everyone is able to rich for a new form of language learning like e.g. distance learning. The use of websites enables and provide students a vast amount of materials to communicate, discuss, analyze and solve problems. It costs a lot to study abroad. Fortunately, distance learning brings benefits because anyone can explore the language cultures through computer and Internet from home. Today, it is not necessary to travel to study and explore English by visiting the country because everything is accessible by the Web. According to foreign language educators it is a interesting thing to use computer and related technology into the classroom, because it is possible to bring the target culture of the language.
However, there are also some disadvantages which concern using a computer and related technology. Without solving these features people won’t be able to use computers properly and succeed in learning.
The most important is the issue of access. Without having the access to computer and Internet students won’t be able to use them. The knowledge to practice with computer technology is required not only from teachers but also from students during the lesson in the classrooms. It could be expensive for some schools to set up a network and include the investment in training.
Moreover, many learners don’t like to spend their time in front of the screen reading materials because it is very exhausting and time-consuming. It is also easy to become overwhelmed because on the Web the amount of information is very enormous and sometimes students don’t have control over the quality and accuracy of the content. Computer and related technology might not be always reliable and students might not know how to use them effectively and how to filter information. Without having some knowledge and secure Internet sources people can meet with difficulties, because some websites could be misguided and information included there might be invalid.
It is worth mention that Computer-Assisted Language Learning in the foreign language classroom can influence the pedagogical changes. It means that the use of these technology will affect the ways of teaching and learning in traditional language classrooms. In this environment, teacher’s role can change. The students become aware of their responsibility to complete the tasks. It also means that they are more active, and independent during classes. Some people believe that computer can replace the role of teacher, because it could answer to any question without a hitch. It must be remembered that as a tool it cannot teach students by itself, but it could be used as a teaching aid.
Despite these disadvantages, it cannot be ignored that that computer brings benefits not only to teachers but also to students during teaching and learning English language. With use of network technology people get a possibility to access a vast amount of materials ready to help them learn and improve their language skills. It must be remembered that to succeed learning with computer and or related technology some conditions must be fulfilled. Both, teachers and learners need to be prepared to adopt new roles and use the available technology in appropriate ways. Exploring a new language through the Internet and computer can be the simplest ways to learn. Every method of learning is valid for someone. People learn in different ways, so everyone needs to find the one that works best for him.

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