Would you choose love or money?

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In my opinion money is more important than love. Nowaday we need money to live calmly and without stress. I choose money because very important to me is education and if I want to have very good education I should go to the expensive university. That education affor me to find well payable work. We need ell payable work to be indepndent of our parents and family. When I have a baby I want to give it everything what is the best. Childrearing our child is very expensive in nowadays. If we want our chil in the future get good work we have to pay the university. We can't forget about little pleasure which we can have if we have a money. For example buying clothes or cosmetics, making-over house or going to beautician or hair-stailist.
On the other hand we know that love is important in our life. Everybody wants to have somebody who takes care of him and whom we will be trust. We need person whereon always we will rest. Somebody who loves us always help. After all I think tha money is more important maybe money isn't everything but really helps in life.

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