Plusy i minusy bycia nauczycielem

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In every city we can see a lot of schools and universities in which the most important people are teachers. Every student thinks that their job is not hard and has only good points. But as every job, also teaching has advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage is that teachers have a lot of free time. They work 16 hours per week and have long holidays in summer and winter when they can earn additional money. Another advantage is that teachers have contact with a lot of people so this job is not monotonous. They can talk on every subject with the students in the classroom and with other teachers in the staff room.

Although teaching has some advantages, it has a lot of disadvantages too. The most important disadvantage is that the salary is low, especially in Poland. Salaries which they get for teaching students and widen their knowledge are below average. Also another big disadvantage is that this is a very stressful job, especially nowadays when more and more students do not feel respect for teachers. We can hear in the media that pupil terrorise teaching staff, put dustbins on teacher’s heads and do what they want.

To sum up, being a teacher is a very demanding job which does not only require great knowledge and memory but also strong psyche. For this reason this job is not for all but only for those who have a vocation for teaching.

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