School in Poland

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In Poland school year begins in September and finishes in June. Polish students spend about 285 days a year at school. They go to school from Monday to Friday.

Children start school at the age of 6 in kindergarten. One year later they go to elementary school. There they study e. g. history, match, polish, foreign language, art. When they was 12 they go to Gimnazjum for 3 years. After Gimnazjum students go to secondary school. In Poland are three types of secondary schools: comprehensive schools, technical schools and vocational courses. At finish this schools pupils take Matura Exams. If they get good notes they can go to university. In Poland children have to learn to 18 years old.

In my school we don?t have to wear uniforms. After school we can take part in after school clubs e. g. from chemistry.

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