An unexpected success by Sally

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Last time I didn't play volleyball so good, but it was sooner and sooner to the school tournament. However, something happed which surprised everybody and obviously me.
Our school always take part in contests and always we won the main price. This year we were playing versus Longbridge School. I have usually been reserve, because there was somebody better then me. I am not sad of that because I'm proud that I am in the volleyball crew.
Week before tournament our best player, Natasha, had broken her leg and she couldn't take part in that important game. Our coach said that I would replace her. I was very happy but also afraid but I decided to play. For this week was I been working hard to get ready to the match. We had also two meetings with our trainer. He was explaining us how to do during tournament.
So nervous was I the following day, that I couldn't stop shaking, but I knew that Natasha was sitting behind and she believed in me. First I hadn't played very well. I was bouncing ball in worse toward. Nothing had been going that I wanted. The game was ending and only then I started playing very good. Everybody was clapping and shouting. I had got 4 points more and we won. Somebody handed me main price and the girls started flinging me up. I remember only that I gave the cup to Natasha. Next tournament I'll be playing again, I hope.

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