Advantages and disadvantages of being famous.

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Many of us dream about being famous. We want to be admired and loved by people around us. Thanks to media, it is very easy to see wealthy and fashionable celebrities, that are in seven heaven and very joyful. Their life seems to be an idyll all the time. But being famous has also disadvantages and I want to present pros and cons of it.

Firstly, celebrities have everything they want, because they make a lot of money. They owned fast cars, extremely big houses and they can go wherever they want on holiday. Secondly, celebrities do not have to worry about the future. Their income is so high that even being an old person they will live well. Thirdly, famous people are known everywhere. They are invited to the best parties and meet another celebrities.

On the other hand, celebrities have no privacy. They are always followed by paparazzi who usually take photos in most unexpected moment. Besides, fame bring a lot of stress. It is very easy to see, that celebrities who can not solve their problem often abuse alcohol or drugs.

To sum up, being famous has both bright and dark sides. You never know how long you will be at the top. But in my opinion five minutes of fame are worth everything

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