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Restaurant review: T.G.I. Friday?s

T.G.I. Friday? is my favorite restaurant, not just because the food is great, but also because it has a great service and atmosphere.
The first T.G.I Friday?s restaurant was open in 1965 and I t was located at First Avenue and 63rd Street in New York City. By the year 1972 restaurant became a most popular dinning place in United States, today there are 928 restaurants in 47 states and 60 countries.
I visited the one located in San Mateo on Hillsdale blvd. and Elcamino real. The restaurant has really easy access. On the left side of Friday?s is a Hillsdale Shopping Center and a bus stop, on the right one a call train station. The restaurant operates every day of the week from 11 a.m. till 1 a.m., on the weekends is open till 2 a.m. It has its own parking place, and there is always plenty of spots for parking.
The restaurant exterior and interior are great. You come in trought a big glass door. There is no need to wait, even on really busy days. I choose to visit this place on Sunday, around 4p.m. The hostess opened the door for me and my friend and she asked us that we wanted to sit at the table or at the bar. We choose the table. Each of the tables have just for chairs, but if you come with a bigger group of people, the staffs is happy to move the tables and chairs together, and make space even up to 30 people.
The restaurant looks big and there is a lot of place inside, within appears to make it easier for staffs and guest to move around the place. It has around 70 tables, and a lot of seating places around the bar.
All the chairs, tables, and walls are wooden. The floor is wooden as well. The tables are square shaped with red-white stripes on them. The chairs are not really comfortable, but the atmosphere is really nice. Every day the restaurant plays different kind of music, depends on the day of the week. During the week days music is not too loud, but calm, however during the weekends is more like club music. The music allows people to conversate.
When I looked around I saw a big, beautiful stained glass window on the celing, it looks amazing and gives the place a scent of romance.
Also on all the walls they are hung all kinds of old stuffs, like a bicycle, white-black photographs, sleds, old telephones, drums, all that give the place a great climate. When I was looking at all of them, I felt like I m moving back in time, like I can see what objects people used years ago.
Above every table there is a very elegant stain glass window lamp, which gives a colorful, warm light coming up on my table.
The restaurant has separate bathrooms for women?s and men?s. The bathroom is small, but really clean, and it smells nice.
In overall the restaurant looks really clean and eyes friendly.
There are several flat screen televisions mounted around walls and near the bar. That makes it easy to follow a favorite sports game or news program while enjoying a drink at the bar or a conversation with your partner.

The staff at TGI Friday's Restaurant is really friendly and nice. Waitress came to us immediately after we were seated, she offered us a drink, as she gave us couple minutes to look over the menu. She was nice and kind, although I asked for water with no ice and she brought me ice water. When we ordered she asked what meal we wanted to come first, and after she brought our food, she was coming back to us couple of times. She filled our water cup every time it got empty, and she smiled a lot.
The staffs at T.G.I. Friday?s is fast and well organized, the service is really good, we waited for our food just couple of minutes. Even on busy days, the food comes up in not more than 10 minutes. The waitress brought our second dish after we were done with the first one, and she took the dishes after we were done with. She also asked us that we wanted a dessert. When she saw we were completely done with the food she made clear with us that we are ready for the check.
The staffs put lots of affort to make sure all guests feel well and have everything they need. Most people who work there are young, but they know how to treat older people and families with kids. They are patient with every type of customer and they treat you the best they can.
The food is excellent. Every time I go back to this restaurant, food is always the same. The restaurant has all sorts of food and drinks. They have all kinds of inexspensive sodas, lemonades and alcoholic drinks. The pries goes from 3$ for soda or lemonade and up to 12 $ an alcoholic drink.
They also have all sorts of food. The menu offers steakhouse, soups, salads, ribs, burgers, seafood, sandwiches, pastas and chicken. Everyone can find in the menu something for oneself. The prices are low. You will not pay more than 20 $ for main entriee, and a 3$ - 6$ for dessert.
The Jack Daniel's ribs and shrimp are good if you like that type of meal. These particular ribs are made with spices and special Jack Daniel?s sause. The food taste great, is prepare and presented really well.
I ordered a French fries and a Ceasar salad. For me there is no other place with French fries like those from Friday?s. They taste great and were crunchy, with spices on it and all sorts of dipping you want. Salad was also good, made from three kinds of lettuce, with a fresh mozzarella cheese, and warm, just cooked breadsticks. The dressing that comes with the salad smells awesome, and it gives the whole salad a special character. The sizes of entries are perfect. If the customer thinks the entry is too large for him, they offer half size entries also.
The dessert is my obsession, and it?s also called the brownie obsession. I love brownies and I spent a lot of time to find the only one that is perfect, and I found it at T.G.I. Friday?s. It comes with caramel, hot chocolate fudge, strawberries and vanilla ice cream. After eating that dessert you will never eat brownie at any other place than Friday?s.
All the entries came on nice red-white stripes dishes, desserts have decorations on the plates, all for them are clean and look really nice.
I would definitely recommend a visit at T.G.I. Friday?s. Is a restaurant for every kind of occasion, is family friendly, they have crayons and coloring books for kids. It is also a great place for a romantic dinner, or just a dinner with group of friend. Is a perfect place for a b-day party or anniversary. The restaurant offers all sorts of food, so a seafood fun or vegetarian will always find a great meal for oneself. A great restaurant for everybody!

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