It`s important for parents and children to talk to each other?

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Being parents is probably hard work. It`s not only joy but also duties. Parents must be breadwinners, take care of house, of kids and lots of other things.
In all these duties bigest is the child. In my opinion the most important thing in relationship is the honest talk. Parents and kids should talk to each other. It gaves the possibility to know each other and to solve problems, answer the questions and helps with building conection between both side. Kids should know that parents aren`t enemy but your friends, who alweys want to help and what`s most important never reject you. Sometime the talk can be dificult but alwys helpful.
In other way kids could teach parents new things. Young peple are wise in gadgets, new technologies and can shoow how to use that.
If parent and kids don`t talk it may be reason of many problems. Children without parents care may do some dangerous things, for example; play truants, take drugs drink too much alkohol.

The big problem betwen kids and parents is the generation gap. Time is changing and we with it. Young peple looks difrent in a lot of thing It may be reason of argue. For my generation things like tatoos, piercing, and other strange to our parents are normal.
I think that long, truly conversation can mistigate a generation gap

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