There should be no compulsory school subjects. Students should be allowed to choose the subjects they want to learn.

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There are many compulsory subjects at school nowadays. They cause a lot of hardship for every student because not all of them are good at every subject. However, are they necessary for us?
On the one hand, it is wasting our time to learn things which would be not necessary in our future. We should focus on subjects which are important for us. Furthermore, if studenst have less things to learn, they would study harder these matter which are franchise forthem. Every single student is good at different issue. We have different abilities, so I think we should choose subjects we want to learn. Moreover, we spend half of our lives sitting and studying, while our youth is going by.
On the other hand, we can realize that we need something more than subjects, that we have choosen. It is a good way to develop our interests. Also, we can find outabilities about which we had no idea before. But are many years on learning things, which we will forget in the nearly future, worth of that? Still we can develop ourselves going on the after-school activities. Moreover, students might choose only subjects, which they are good at, and it is no fair to other students.
To sum up, there are some cons and pros of school without compulsory subjects. I think that some subjects like languages should be compulsory but the rest should not be.

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