Computers - best friends or worst enemies? Essay.

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Are the computers our best friends or worst enemies? They make our life more comfortable and enjoyable by giving us the advantage of their functions, but this may lead to people with a tendency to spare themselves thinking and leave it all in the 'hands' of PC's.

From the very beginning of the PC era they served as machines making complicated calculations in the field of science, thus enabling scientists to make further research. As the time passed, they became smaller, more efficient and affordable for most of people, then the Internet was born and from then on, computers have proved their usefulness in the field of world wide communication. You no longer needed to use phone or write letters - communicators, VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology and e-mails phased in. The spread of information was very rapid and enabled people to gain access to free information. Moreover, PC's became entertainment centres, displaying movies and playing music.

On the other hand, modern society increasingly relies on them, their calculations and other tasks they perform. This unfortunately leads to undermining the usage of brain because people are able to programm their computers to do many things instead of them. Another serious drawback is that because of the easy obtainable information, communicators and forms of entertainment people no longer have the need to go out and meet their friends, because as well as this, they can just chat with them online, or even to go shopping ? the products they need may be delivered from an on-line store. This indicates that the more we use our computers the less we socialise and the more lazy we become.

To sum up, although computers greatly facilitated our life, improved the communication, freed the access to information and proved useful in all kind of jobs, we must bear in mind that if we want to lead healthy life and have control over it we cannot fully rely on the machines.

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