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?The Pianist?, made by famous polish director Roman Polański, starts out in Warsaw in 1939. Wladyslaw Szpilman, created by Adrien Brody, is a wonderful pianist who is the best in playing Chopin pieces. His music was broadcasted over Polish radio. He and his family, parents, brother and two sisters are all baged and sent to the Warsaw ghetto. The Nazis then decide to exterminate some of the Jews in the ghetto, so they started deporting them to the concentration camps. When Szpilman with his family are being loaded up on the trains, a former friend - Itzak, now a Nazi, saves him pulling him out of the line. Next years for Szpilman are never ending running away. He is helped by Jewish friends, including Dorota, a cellist, and Janina - a singer. It is thought he may have a affair with Dorota, but the war separates them.
Szpilman spends the end of the war in the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto, where he meets a music-loving Nazi soldier, who helps Szpilman survive the rest of the war.

The movie is not as boring as it was thought to be, since Szpilman is not showed as a sentimental man. Instead of it, he represents hope, which is so needed, not only in such critical situations, but in all our life. Szpilman is a witness of cruelty ? his Jewish friends are tortured and killed ? nevertheless he survives. Adrien Brody plays pianist brilliantly, giving us all the feelings, which might Szpilman feel during the war.

?The Pianist? is not for everyone. I do not think children should see it, as it is brutal and difficult. Nonetheless, it is really worth to see because of historical background and impressive music composed by Polish composer ? Wojciech Killar.
If you need to watch something real and touching, ?The Pianist? is one of the best choice.

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