Don't loose life

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Dont loose time
Life is Too Short to care of past, so dont look at this what was in the past, just live present... dont care of man who hurt u, coz u will find another who will desirve u and appreciate ur love...and if he hurt u it means he never cared... dont worry of this what people say, coz u dont kno if they real with u, or just lie to have fun, or hurt ur feelings... b ur own person to live ur life by ur own rules...then u cant b mad at nobody that told u to do sth what didnt work out... b independent......... wake up with possitive things in ur is sooo beautiful, so many good humans around u, so dont care of thouse who did shit to u... if sb let u down, dont worry...what goes around, comes back around, and one day sb will let down this person... say to ur friends, u appreciate their frienship- only they r with u in difficoult moments, they really worry of u... Family is the BIGGEST gave from God, so DO NOT forget show how much u LOVE them... Enjoy life... when is cold, when is hot, when u have hart time or easy days, live ur life that way, to not sorry u havent done sth... better b mad that u did sth, that b mad u even never try.... Have love in ur life... only this feeling make u happy and can make u fly ;) if u love sb dont waste time, say it to him... ;) have fun 24h/day.. even if is rainin outside, try sth funny to do in home... u have only 1day like this, tomorrow is new day, u can naver back to previous day...

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