My dream home!

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If you could live anywhere, what sort of home would you choose? I’m Aquarius and they are famous from dreaming, daydreaming and thinking, so I’m sure that my dream home would amaze you and would cause that my dream home will become your dream home too.
My dream home would be situated near the sea in Spain. It could be a cottage. In my dreams there are lots of trees and flowers outside the house. Garden should catch eye everybody, who will look at it. In addition the garden should bring me in the seaside, which will behind my house. I’m dreaming about my own beach. I would want to have my private ground. Outside my dream home would look quite traditional. I’m not follower of one type of decoration. I like linking different cultures.
Inside of the house there would be an amazing atmosphere. It would be a modern style. The most of house isn’t important, because I would spend more time outside. But I would prefer bright colors on the walls and nice furniture such as sofas, sophisticated tables and chairs, lots of types of entertainment: TV sets, radios, hi-fis, computer, books etc.
However, the most important thing of living there would be my love. That love would be a good-looking man with incredible soul. We could sit on the beach and look at sunsets. My dream home would never be dream home if I would be alone there. It won’t happen but… who will ban me daydreaming?

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