Comercialism and economic growth are essential to global prosperity

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Comercialism and economic growth are essential to global prosperity

This thesis is not only hard to support, but also to overthrow. However I will try to present arguments for this claim.
Firstly, we must say what is important for global prosperity. I think global market increases when people, companies and governments buy or sell something. I think about turning the capital. When people buy a product, the company which produces it makes a profit. When one person buys something, a company gets for example one dollar. But a hundred people buy this product – company gets already one hundred dollars. It pays taxes the government. We also pay, for example VAT (Value Added Tax). In Poland companies pay premium to ZUS or superannuations. And money is turned. But only, if people are buying – so when they are consumers.
Consumers, products and other components of the market are connected with the economical growth. Moreover, we see economical growth only if in the world there are a lot of – money moves and governments have enough of, companies also have money and customers are satisfied.
I must say that comercialism and economic growth have also disadvantages, such as taking advantage of people by big companies and too intensive globalization.
This subject is really extensive. We must remember – economic growth is good. Commercialism sometimes also. Both commercialism and economic growth are desirable (pożądane), if we don’t forget about human dignity.

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