Earthquake on the Indian Ocean

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Was twenty six December two thousand four. The main shock happened at about two am. It was underwater earthquake, which hypocenter had found at about twenty kilometers under a bottom of Indian Ocean, nearby a west coast of north Sumatra.
The earthquake had triggered off a tsunami, which, within a three hours, struck in the coast of few country in south - eastern Asia among other things in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanca and Thailand, A minor damage registered in Malaysia, Burma, on Seychelles angd Maledives.
After this huge earthquake the damage is assesing at a few milliards dollars. A quantity of fatalities is amounting to at least three hundred thousands people. A few millions people lost a roof over one's head. The humanitarian organizations are declaring, that as third victim of this earthquake was a child.
When the tsunami ended, all buildings lay in ruins and on it thousands dead bodies. Epidemiologists mayby had outbroken of an epidemic, which killed the same number of victim.
After so huge damage, on help was waiting thousands people. The United Nations Organization and other organizations had been collected large sums of money. This sums exceed one hundred millions dollars. Fot this money, rebuilt new schools and houses. Moreover people got something to eat and drink.
People who survived think your life as a miracle. "I thank God, that I live" said one with survivors. This disaster is remaining in your memory to end life.

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