Earthquake in the Chile - Trzęsienie ziemi w Chile

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On May 22th, 1960, at 19:11, an earthquake occurred off the coast of South Central Chile (but 21th of may were set of readings, so people, knew that been the earthquake).
A Pacific-wide tsunami was triggered by the earthquake. Hilo, on the main island of Hawaii, was the hardest hit city in the islands. The tsunami arrived at Hilo 14.8 hours after the it originated off the coast of South Central Chile. Tsunami arrived too at coast of the Japan and the Philippines. Complete as a result earthquake and tsunami died a 3000 people. Over 2 000 000 people lose a home. Waste total is a 550 billions $ in the Chile, 75 billions $ on the Hawaii and 50 billions $ in the Japan.
People who survived feel sadness and a deep grief in their hearts after their lost this day.

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