Wady i zalety używania telefonu komórkowego [adventages and disadventages of using mobile phone]

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Nowadays, cell phones are very popular. Nearly each of us have it. We like talking on cell phones, sending SMS and MMS, playing games, surf the net... But is that a good way to communicate? And what are a advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones?

To start with, with cell phones we can communicate with others wherever we are. If necessary, we can ask someone for help any minute and and place. We can help someone to. We can notify someone that we will late or we will not come, because we had an accident.

Secondly, cell phones can help us with organize our daily plans. They can remind us of meetings, duties etc. They can also help us with our work
( calculator, currency converter etc.). Also, they are information sources. From Internet, WAP or new EraOmnix we can read news from country and world, sport news, interesting facts and other.

Thirdly, they can give us some entertainment with phone games, WAP and SMS games. On the other hand, everybody can find us. In the long run it is very annoying. Also connections costs more money than in stationary phones. Also, cell phones are harmful to our health, because they create radiation ( from phone receiver ).

In conclusion, I think that although cell phones have their weak points, they are very usable and necessary. In my opinion this is a good way to communicate.

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