What kind of sports are you and your friends interested in ?

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I and my friends are interested in many sports but most of all we like all sort of sports connected with a board. We practice skateboarding in our yard throughout the whole year. I remember the first skate board was owned by my friend Michael and then the rest of us bought ours. In summer, we also practice windsurfing. When the weather is good and we have enough money, we often go to the Chalupy at the Hel Peninsula. Sometimes during holidays we go there camping and we do a lot of windsurfing. However what we truly enjoy is snowboarding which we practice at camps in Slovakia. We like jumping on the boards so we often build ramps on the slopes. It happens that occasionally someone breaks something but people do not get put off and we continue practicing jumps to the perfection. I and my friends have always enjoyed extreme sports. This year some of us are considering to try parachute jumping. I think that all of us enjoy the feeling of freedom and independence. I deeply believe that parachute jumping would enable us to experience both of them.

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