The capital punishment? - for or against

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What can justice do to reduce the number of serious crime? For this question answer has not been found over the past few years. I strongly believe that the best solution of this problem is to change the law.
First of all the judgements for criminals must be stricter. Death penalty can not be abolished due to the fact that more and more offenders are no longer afraid of being punished. In my opinion justice should be more consistent and give sentences which will immediately frighten criminals.
Furthermore it seems to me that capital punishment in some cases is indispensable. Even though in certain countries this special sentence does not exist I believe that for instance a terrorist responsible for the death of dozens of people should not be kept alive.
As oppose to above ideas many people are still thinking that one person can not decide about somebody’s live or death.
All things considered I’m absolutely convinced that death penalty is a good idea to prevent the increasingly number of crimes but it should be used very carefully and only in necessity.

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