How did you become interested in your hobby ?

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My hobbies are computers and sport. I have been interested in computers for six years. This was when my father bought for me my first real computer. I remember that it was Pentium 133 and it was the best hardware on the market. I was sitting all the time in front of the monitor and I was playing all the time. But soon playing games began to bore me and I started making and mixing music. Now I’m mostly interested in graphics and internet. I have already made a few internet pages and I am involved in making a web site for my school. I have been also interested in sport ever since I can remember. My parents are very keen on sport and they got me interested in sport. My mother is a sailing, swimming and skiing instructor because she graduated from Physical Education Academy in Gdansk. My father has been sailing for 8 years and generally he has always liked sport. My first true contact with sport was when I was 6 or 7 and I went to the tennis lessons which I enjoyed very much. Today I am keen on bored-sports and I love snowboarding and windsurfing.

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