What qualifications will you need for the job you hope to do ?

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I would like to peruse a career of a software engineer. I think this profession has future and recent developments in high-tech industry suggest that demand for software engineers is going to grow rapidly. This is a highly competitive area and I am aware of the fact that there will be a lot of people applying for all the key jobs by the time I will finish university. For this reason I am studying languages because they may prove vital addition to my qualifications. Good command of at least two European languages is a must if one wants to have a career in computing and work for multinational companies such as Softbank, ICL or Microsoft. In addition I think it would be also important to have a good university degree at masters level from a good university. In order to be able to get into good academic institution one needs to have good grades in science based subjects. However, a high pace of development of this branch of industry makes it difficult to predict what other requirements might employers want in the future and for this reason I think that one has to achieve good results in everything.

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