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Every of us dreams of an ideal house waiting for him or her somewhere in the future. My house will be situated in the southern suburbs of Krakow, to give me more opportunities for going to the Tatra Mountains for weekends. Besides, I would like hills and mounds surrounding my place. I have been living in a city for over 15 years, so I suppose that in the future I would prefer closer companion of forests, meadows and animals than peeping neighbors. That is why I will settle down in my bungalow far from the busy city center.
My future bungalow will be a very cozy and warm place, with a happy family living in it. The whole acreage will be quite big because of the gardens surrounding the house. I wouldn’t like to have the vegetable garden, but only fresh green grass, bushes, trees and flowers. I think I would hire a garden designer to make a project. Perhaps I would have the stoned path straight to the entrance of a house, and many clumps of flowers. Maybe I would agree for the little patio somewhere in the garden and a small poll. Nevertheless, I would keep the garden in a wilder climate.
The color of walls of the whole house will be ecru to be suitable to the brown hip-and-valley roof. Below the roof there will be the drainpipe also brown and varnished. All the windows in the house will be very big and in a French style; however I would also have three or four skylight windows on the attic. There will be the fire place in the living room, so I suppose to have the chimney on the left side of the roof. The frontal door will be big, visible and brown with the small threshold. The door on the terrace should be made of glass and big. I would like to have a light everywhere in the house, especially in the kitchen, so the terrace will be close to this place.
The habitable surface of the cottage will be about 150 meters, where one big bedroom will be placed, beautiful square kitchen and huge round living room. The sauna will be next to the bathroom. On the ground floor there will be also a small office room with a computer and other more practical equipment. I would also like to have a terrace with the stairs leading to the garden and a porch to sit in during the warm evenings.
The kitchen must be big with the square table in the middle. It will be comfortable and light with the elements of a village style like curtains, flowers and stylish pictures on the walls. The living room must be very cozy and comfortable with dark classic furniture, big sofas and puffs. In front of the sofa I will situate the fireplace with the stoned elements on both sides of it. There will be also a little glass table for a coffee during the meetings with friends. By the other wall there will be also a brown piano. The color of the walls will be a little bit more vivid that in the kitchen and there will be many green flowers in the living room.
In the bathroom there will be a triangular bath with Jacuzzi surrounded by mirrors and tiles of light colors. On the ground floor there will be also a bedroom with a big comfortable bed in the middle of the room. Next to the bed there will be a wardrobe and the big rectangular mirror. The bedroom will be sunny and painted in yellow or light orange.
Near the living room there will be wooden narrow stairs leading to the attic with three or four bedrooms. One of them will be very colorful and big – it’s for my future children, full of toys with two beds. There will be a big window with a view on our garden and the forest. Two other rooms will be for gests visiting me and my family, in every of them there will be a bed, wardrobe and cupboards, with paintings on the walls and flowers. In the attic there must be also a bathroom, but not as big as on the ground floor.
My ideal house is supposed to be not so big but cozy and comfortable and I’m not going to decorate it in a very modern style, with every aluminum element in the rooms. I prefer wooden door and other supplements. Whatever house it would be like, I want to be happy there with my loving family.

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