Wakacje nad morzem. (Holidays at the seaside)

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Spending holidays at the seaside in summer makes sense, as there are more things to do than in winter. We can spend our time in many different ways. Because it is usually hot and sunny, we stay whole days on the beach. When we want to take a cool break from the hot sun and air we can swim in the sea. When going to the seaside we must remember some precautions before going into the water. We should not use inflatable mattres¬ses, Canoes or other equipment that should be used only on lakes. But just swimming in the sea can give us a lot of funs, especially when it is windy and there are big waves. Although swimming in rough sea is fun, it is dangerous, too. So it is better to swim only in areas where there is a lifeguard.
Some people like to sunbathe for hours. This may seem a little bit boring but they say it makes them feel relaxed. Some read white they are sunbathing but it is certainly not good for their eyes. Being on the beach gives us a lot of possibilities to have a good time. We can play volleyball and many other games. While playing we move which is the best way of getting a nice sun-tan. We can also build sandcastles. We can go for long walks along the coast but in Poland it is forbidden to walk on the dunes. These are a few of the ways of spending time at the seaside. It all depends upon us if we make it a good time or not.

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Prosze komntjcie bo chce ją ściągnąć a nie wiem czy jest dobrze :(:(

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Prosze komntjcie bo chce ją ściągnąć a nie wiem czy jest dobrze :(:(